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XXXX admitted being _________________________ Karen P. Ruckert Attorney ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ To: Records Section Office of Legal Administration The above file has been closed as of this date.

________________________ _______________________ Date Chief, Criminal Section FORMERLY CVR-3 FORM CL-3 present when three men, Henry Alexander, Jimmy York, and Raymond Britt, forced Edwards to jump off the Tyler-Goodwyn bridge to his death.

Britt, York, and Alexander are now deceased but were living at the time of XXXX statement.

After taking XXXX statement, the State of Alabama reopened the investigation.

On April 23, 1957, fishermen discovered Edwards’ body in the Alabama River ten miles west of Montgomery.

The case remained dormant until 1976, when local investigators questioning XXXXXXXXXXX regarding another crime asked if XXXX knew anything concerning Edwards’s disappearance.

In January 1976, Alabama Attorney General William J.

Baxley signed immunity agreements with Britt and York in exchange for their testimony.

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