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You are right, but - this is his 1st game of D&D, first time as a DM, doesn't have a DMG to calculate encounter levels, doesn't have a MM3 to use the new adjusted monsters ...

;) I will accept my downvote, but I still feel like I've given a new player some useful tips for solving the root of his problem.

Like I said, I'm a new DM, so I don't know all the rules and tricks yet.

How would you go about altering the difficulty / levels of monsters to a 2-player party, especially one made up of a rogue and wizard? Here's how you build an encounter in 4e: You take the XP value of a "standard"-type enemy of the same level as the party, and multiply that number by the number of PCs in the party.

The first encounter from the attached adventure (involving 2 wolves and 2 goblins, no minions) was a brutal massacre, however.

I'd made it clear to them that this would be just be a practice fight so that we could all get a feel for group play without fear of death, but even after changing the goblins to minions halfway through the fight, it still ended nastily for the PCs.

The result gives you a "budget" that you use to "buy" enemies to create an encounter of average difficulty (the party is unlikely to die, but will expend a noticeable amount of resources --consumables, healing surges, daily powers-- during the fight).

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(it will be more fun for the players to win the adventure with some wits and the help of a couple of men-at-arms than to watch while the DMs Dragon Born Barbarian NPC toasts the big bad guy) You could also take the 'popcorn monster' approach - give the monsters 1/2 their usual hit points, -2 to on all damage dice rolled, worth 1/2 the treasure and 1/2 the experience.For an easier fight, drop the level down by three or four.The extreme ends of this will produce boss-level fights, or make-the-players-feel-invincible routs.It was all good fun, they killed the minions in their solo adventure happily enough.They'd chosen a rogue and a wizard - common sense told me that they'd be squishy, but I didn't want to influence their characters in any way.

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