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The court heard the parents 'prioritised' their own needs over that of their child and failed to buy him clothes or food.A previous child they had, referred to as Child A (with the couple, left), was taken into care for the same reason.Zimbabwe is under the control of the country's military after troops, who are holding President Robert Mugabe (bottom left with his wife) under house arrest (the Mugabe home pictured inset), seized the state broadcaster.In what appeared to be a coup against the 93-year-old Mugabe - the world's oldest head of state - the military was at pains to emphasise it had not staged a military takeover, but was instead starting a process to restore Zimbabwe's democracy.

Helpless onlookers threw chairs and objects at the predator in a bid to frighten it off but Ms Srivastava said those minutes ‘felt like an eternity’.

A couple are accused of murdering their baby after they failed to feed or clothe him before burying him naked in a shoe box in a shallow grave.

Anthony Clark (pictured bottom right), 35, and Catherine Davies (top right), 25, are accused of allowing the baby to be dehydrated and starved to death.

His family say they are all extremely stressed because he did not start his journey home on Sunday as planned.

And they are also ‘very cross’ with the 57-year-old for refusing to take a phone or GPS tracking device.

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