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However, I personally found that the previously unspoken rule of being an RA ultimately improved my relationship with residents and broke barriers that are the defining difficulties of being an RA.

It’s obviously a very exciting time of life, and I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what it’s like to be engaged as a medical student.

There are several students at our school who have children.

I think most of them treat medical school as a job, and they make sure that they leave by dinnertime every day.

Being interested in one of my residents had never really crossed my mind.

I figured dating any of them was forbidden – an unspoken rule that I needed to follow to do my job well. But I soon found that dating a resident was actually one of the best things I could do to improve myself as an RA, because I’ve been dating a resident since the beginning of last semester.

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One of my (now) close friends later told me she was originally intimidated by me, but seeing me act as a normal college student brought me to a relatable level for her.

Whether that’s making time to visit family, to exercise, or to have a boyfriend/girlfriend, you’ll figure out how to make time for the important things.

There may be days or weeks that are harder to do that than others (for example, test week is almost never a good time for a date), but there are plenty of good times to have fun outside of school if you plan it right (for example, post-test weekends are the best time for dating).

And of course the answer is no, although anyone who marries a medical student has to realize that they are taking on a whole lot of student loans and a very time-demanding career – dating or marrying you is a big commitment for them, too.

I’m originally from Brentwood, Tennessee, and I came to South Carolina to attend college at Furman University where I was a music major, outdoor enthusiast and lover of life.

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