Dating blue ridge pottery

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Many collectors adn dealers, likewise, have been confused by the first name of the pottery because the name is so similar to another pottery located in the same town.Blue Ridge Southern Potteries opened under the name Clinchfield China, SPI.Ray had worked for the Blue Ridge Southern Potteries Inc. He learned much about the operations of the pottry while there.He later purchased pottery from the Southern Potteries and delivered it by the truck load to large stores like Park-Belk and others in the southeast United States. Pauline worked at the nuclear facility in Oak Ridge, TN during the war.Before they purchased their first kiln, they utilized whatever resources they had available in producing pottery. The Cash Family Pottery bought all of the casings and some of the molds that Southern Potteries had for 0. This greatly increased the potential of items to be made by the pottery."We dried our first mold in my kitchen oven and mixed the first batch of mud on my back porch in an old wringer washing machine," she reflected. Later they hired mold makers from the area to assist in this endeavor. Pauline Cash estimated that over 1,000 different molds were used by her pottery over the years.Ray and Pauline particularly liked hand painted pottery, as was the Erwin area tradition.

The first items that the new pottery sold was white ware. Cash said, "I couldn't paint at all..just brushed the finishing paints on them and sold them like they were. A new Blue Ridge book has been released by Jay Parker. Next years show will be held October 4th - 6th, 2018. I'm happy to help identify patterns or answer your Blue Ridge questions. Listed below are a few of those auctions and final selling prices (shipping cost not included).The 2018 Blue Ridge Show will be held October 5th and 6th at the Unicoi Intermediate School in Erwin, TN. Jay is a long time Blue Ridge collector and dealer and you can order it directly from him. He will also have it available at the 2018 Blue Ridge show in Erwin, TN October 4th - 6th The 2017 Blue Ridge Pottery Club show and sale was held October 5th - October 7th.

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