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To complete the string installation, the string is tightened by turning the capstan using the tuning knob.

The worm gear ensures that the capstan cannot turn without a movement on the knob; it also allows precise tuning.

Typical tensions for steel-string acoustic guitars with "light" tension strings are 10.5 kgf (23.3 lbf, 103 N) to 13.8 kgf (30.2 lbf, 135 N). Versions with an 18:1 gear ratio also exist, trading better accuracy in fine tuning against slower initial string winding.

Since the 1950s, guitar performance techniques evolved, and aggressive usage of a vibrato bar ("tremolo") became widespread.

Friction pegs hold the string in tune by way of friction caused by their tapered shape and by the string pull created by the tight string.

Some other commonly used slang names for guitar tuners are pegs, gears, machines, cranks, knobs, tensioners and tighteners.

Machine heads are used on mandolins, guitars, double basses etc., and are usually located on the instrument's headstock.

Non-geared tuning devices that are used on violins, violas, cellos, lutes, older Flamenco guitars, ukuleles etc., are known as friction pegs.

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Banjos usually employ a different mechanism using planetary gears - in this case the knob and the capstan both rotate on the same axis. the original Gibson Firebird, early Gibson basses and Mario Maccaferri's plastic instruments) have used this design.

The guitarist adjusts the tension of the various strings using the knobs so that they are correctly tuned: a higher tension yields a sharper pitch, a lower tension a flatter pitch.

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