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In fact, it stemmed from some of the limiting beliefs that indirect methods such as the mystery method unwittingly instil into almost every aspiring pick up artist: Limiting Belief 1: You have to “create attraction” BEFORE you can telegraph interest, qualify or sexually escalate.Limiting Belief 2: You have to “raise your value” and/or “lower her value” before she will become attracted to you.I went from a guy who was struggling to scrape a new (often quite average looking) girl every few months, to setting up 3 or 4 dates with new girls every WEEK, every one of whom was incredibly attractive to me.Nothing else changed, I was still just the same guy, with the same personality, looks, and job.Women are not stupid, in fact they are far more attuned to subtle social cues.You can’t fool them into thinking you really want to know “who lies more.” (3) The idea of an “emotional progression model” is incredibly attractive to the kind of man that will end up getting involved in the pick up artist community.Limiting Belief 3: You have to follow the steps correctly.If you don’t get the girl, it’s because you’ve failed at one of the steps.

Only the night before, I’d been telling him about some problems I’d been having with my then girlfriend of 4 years. I looked down at the black leatherbound edition and read the words “The Game” embossed in gold on the cover. Having just finished a course on biocultural psychology where I learned all about the interaction between evolution, psychology and society, the theory totally clicked and made perfect sense.

Again, the mindset is that the m PUA can control everything within the interaction and guarantee a 0% chance of rejection.

The very idea of a ‘rejectionless’ pick up attempt is ludicrous.

The problem with the neg: most wannabe pick up artists are likely so socially uncalibrated that they don’t know how to deliver a neg with a cheeky smile in a confident manner (i.e.

“flirting”), so instead it just sounds like an insult, or even worse, like a nervous guy attempting a compliment but failing!

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