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Given the limitations of artificial intelligence (see: Microsoft’s Tay spouting racist epithets a day after launch) chatbots aren’t a one-size-fits-all proposition.But some brands have managed to use them successfully to engage customers.

Outside of Facebook, other chat platforms, including Microsoft and Kik, provide other engagement opportunities.

Artificial intelligence has given people the ability to have conversations with machines like never before, such as speaking to Amazon's personal assistant Alexa or asking Siri for directions on your i Phone. Abyss Creations has been in the business of making hyperrealistic dolls for 20 years, and by the end of 2017, they'll unveil their newest product, an anatomically correct robotic sex toy.

But now, one company has widened the scope of what it means to connect with a technological device and created a whole new breed of A. Matt Mc Mullen, the company's founder and CEO, explains the goal of sex robots is companionship, not only a physical partnership.

Meanwhile, Sephora Reservation Assistant, the other Facebook bot launching this week, uses natural language processing to book makeover appointments.

“If they put in the shorthand for a city or a combination of date and time, [the chatbot] can figure that out,” Laughton says.

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