God fearing dating lang en

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We want to explore our hearts to see if there is pride, bitterness, self-righteousness and hate against our brothers and sisters in Christ.

God’s word says if we confess our sin he is faithful and just to forgive us and purify us (1 John 1:9).

I first heard Kim's tale through the "Live Through This" project, which tells the stories of suicide attempt survivors.

Kim had been suicidal since she was eight-years-old — four years after she realized she was queer.

The confusion about race doesn’t discourage me because I am aware of the power of the gospel.

For Grace Kim, the tension between religion and sexuality nearly led to death.

Uncounted others have renegotiated their relationships with that faith rather than leave it altogether.

And, spirituality in flux often translates to sexuality in flux — in terms of whom and how we love.

A listener wrote in to ask an important question: “Can a white woman marry a black man?

” I applaud the bravery of this woman because instead of remaining confused she searched for wisdom.

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