Relationship between online dating personality characteristics

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Cultural homophily in online dating texts: the effect of culturally typical personality traits encoded in language.

Winner of 2nd prize for presenting in the post-graduate category. Paper presented at the AHEAD conference “Is Universal Design any of my business”.

Each person only sent in selfie — one that they’d selected independently.

This selfie selection process, Musil points out, plays a big role in the message the selfie-taker ultimately wants to convey; in the paper, he writes that the “editorial process is a crucial part of selfie making.” This process may reveal more insights about a selfie-taker’s personality than the selfie itself. Musil’s study, while small, reminds us not to count Tinder selfies as definitive proof of a future beau’s personality, despite what other researchers have observed about the relationship between personality and physical appearance.

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A new Tinder-relevant study, however, casts doubt on those findings: Turns out that selfies, in particular, don’t tell us much about a person’s personality at all.

PHD RESEARCH TOPIC Title: Homophily in attraction: linguistic encoding of personality and culture online. Deception detection: The effect of trust levels and perspective taking in real time online and offline communication environments.

My Ph D study will investigate the effect of personality on interpersonal attraction, specifically in relation to traits encoded in language in online dating profiles.

“Selfies are probably just ordinary artifacts of contemporary societies,” he continued, explaining that they don’t faithfully represent the personality of the owner.

The judgments we make about selfies on Tinder and other dating apps, according to this study, are truly all about looks; if we think we’re swiping left on a person because they look like they have a terrible personality, then we are sadly mistaken. It relied largely on the self-reported answers of participants, and it focused only on a majority-female group of Slovenian adults between the ages of 19 and 28.

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